Volume XXXVI, Issue 3, December 13, 2013

Crossett Christmas: In Memoriam

Crossett. Chrismas. We laughed. We cried. We considered “checking out GrooveBoston, or whatever.” This section is a tribute to all the things we lost on that fateful night.


Study Time: Many Crossett residents were locked out of their dorm, losing hours of precious Saturday night review time. “Spring finals are just around the corner, and everybody was planning to really buckle down and hit the flashcards” – Facetious Student

Eighth Candle on Val Quad Menorah: The 8th candle was torn from the menorah, separated from its friends for what may be an eternity. The 7 remaining candles will hold a candlelight vigil on Tuesday at 9 am. Should only last 1 day, but prepare for 8.

Last Remaining Shred of Five-College Cohesion: “F*ck that school” – other school. [Note: second letter in occluded swear word is a “u”.]

Along with the fallen, there are still many unaccounted for:

Da Party: Said one student, “WHERE DA PARTY AT?” If you see “da party,” do not approach.

Tony “Booze Cruise” Marx: Last seen dragging a full-sized keg across the Freshman Quad. If you see him, do not approach.

Jesse Pagliuca’s Black Northface: The loss devastated Mr. Pagliuca. “It wasn’t my favorite coat…but it was MINE. WHERE ARE YOU ROBERT?!?!?!”

Have you or a loved one been affected by Crossett Christmas? If so, write, draw, or edit for The Indicator.

“Firm supporters of ‘da party’…since 1848”