cover of 2022 spring issue

Welcome to The Indicator, Amherst College’s student-run literary and arts magazine! Originally founded in 1848, with the mission “to indicate the literary taste, spirit, and acquirements of the undergraduates of Amherst College,” The Indicator was resurrected in 1996 after a 145-year hiatus. While its form and style have shifted over the decades, The Indicator currently publishes one themed edition per semester and accepts a range of creative works including art, short stories, poetry, and more. 

Unlike most literary magazines, The Indicator does not operate on an external submissions-based model, instead emphasizing a close working relationship between club members in their roles as writers, editors, and artists. For this reason, we encourage interested students to join early in the semester. Please send any questions or comments to


Gabrielle Avena • Editor-in-Chief 
Sarah Wu • Editor-in-Chief
Mel Arthur • Vice Editor-in-Chief
Mikayah Parsons • Marketing Chair