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Gabby Avena ’25

Gabby (she/her) is rumored to be a writer by a handful of irreputable indie publications. On a blue moon, she may be seen vomiting words onto the dirt, gathering them into a basket, and offering them desperately to the deadlines that follow at her feet. Further information is government-classified at this time.

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Sarah Wu ’25

Sarah (she/her) is a late-night writer from Long Island, New York. She is an editorial assistant intern for The Common (@commonmag) at Amherst College and has published a short story for an anthology at The Dark Dispatch. She is currently suffering from computer science and enjoys fish.

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Vice Editor-In-Chief

Mel Arthur ’25

Mel (she/they) is the leader of the army of darkness, a crocodile emoji overuser & poetry writer. They believe poetry to be their eternal companion & hope to write works that touch the soul and cause the reader to create something new from what they read. Her work can be found floating in various Amherst literary spaces and beyond.

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Layout Manager

Caitlin Johnson ’25

Caitlin (she/her) is an artist and RPG enthusiast. As twilight approaches, a soft glow illuminates the bottom of her bedroom door frame, hinting towards her late-night ventures into graphic and web design. She hopes to create layouts that present student work and engage readers in the best way possible.

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