a piece of artwork of a girl with patterned shapes around her

Cover of The Indicator: Fortuna

Crowned by gold leaf, a pair of twins occupy the celestial night sky. The circular depictions of day and night behind the girls’ heads are inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s stylized Art Nouveau posters. This representation of Fortuna, goddess of fortune and personification of luck, illustrates duality and the balance between ill and good fortune through the harmony of the day and night. In the background, astronomical constellations chase each other in a cyclical nature.

Artists from Spring 2023

a photograph of a sunrise against a beach

This photograph is of a sunset over Big Bear Lake in Big Bear, California. I took this photo during a trip with my mother right before the pandemic in March 2020. I think it captures the feeling of reverence because of the gorgeous colors in the sky that only lasted a minute or so. 

My work is often centered around my first love – the moon. She is my muse and confidant and it is an honor to be able to present work where I show my reverence to her.

a painting of a forest displayed against a purple sky, with the moon centered in the middle
an artwork with a black-and-white nun against a blue surface with white beads trailing off her

The Mother is both a figure of reverence and a figure of tension. Her necklace, composed of biological materials of life, reveals this sort of strain. It is a rosary. 

Several years ago, there was a fox den underneath the old Dakin House near campus. Every morning I would walk through the area and the fox pups became increasingly curious about my presence. One inquisitive pup posed for a photo on a sunny spring morning.

a photograph of a fox
brushstrokes of yellow, blue, white, and red

This is an abstract painting that grapples with college life, and the notion that college is “The Best Four Years” of our life. The figure in the center is in the bathroom attempting to brush their teeth after a night out. While the adventures earlier were perhaps fun, the return to the home and to sleep is perhaps even more enjoyable.

My artwork is a self-portrait based on a photo of myself that I took during the quarantine while I was laying in nature, in my yard. To me, reverence can even mean stopping our usual routine to enjoy and reflect on something, like nature, that is higher than ourselves and greater than all of our worries and concerns. 

a drawing of a black girl on the background of small, skinny trees in front of her
a picture of cellular organisms with neon purple outlined circles

Given the theme of Spring issue was Reverence, I found inspiration in stained glass windows in cathedrals, where utmost reverence is shown. I used microscopy images I took of Convallaria, also referred to as Lily of the Wild, and arranged them in a pattern inspired by shapes and motifs found in stained glass windows.

Featured Artist: Caroline Wu

Caroline Wu is an artist for The Indicator. With her three pieces for this spring’s theme, Reverence, Caroline explores the boundaries of art’s relationship with technology. Her stunning work seeks to understand the various frameworks in which art can be created—from AI-inspired art, to shapes generated by code, to digital editing and photoshop.

Naturalistic Drawings of Amphibians

sketch of a frog in the three stages of maturingcolored sketch of frog

Sofia Crespo inspired me with these two realistic amphibian drawings. Crespo is an artist that combines AI and traditional realistic nature observational drawings to create new fantastical and abstract realizations of animals that have never existed. I hope to extend my technical drawing practice to a more abstract one and develop new creatures like Crespo’s AI.

Fragmented Farewell

an edited photo of a man reaching out to a digitally corrupted image of a woman

This photo was taken from Time magazine’s top 100 photos of the year. The artwork inspired by the photo uses glitch to represent the fleeting image of George Keburia’ wife Maya and children as they board a train to Lviv at the Odessa train station in Odessa, Ukraine, on March 5. Such a striking image inspires audiences to hold their loved ones close and cherish every fleeting moment. 

Coded Cosmos

a digital art piece made out of geometric shapes that create a girl staring out the expanse of planets and spacea screenshot of a code for a picture

Standing at the precipice of an uncertain and ever-expanding universe, this figure stands in awe at seemingly randomized planets and galaxies. I used a different technique to make each planet. My techniques include using gaussian, randomized curved vertexes, and gradient circles. I also layered various layers of ellipses to create star and planet ring effects.