The Indicator meetings and membership are be open to Amherst College students. Attendance of meetings is encouraged; however, participation is dependent upon communication and submission of work. Members of the Indicator will have the choice to be either a writer, editor, artist or combination of these roles.

Artists must create one black-and-white line drawing for each piece of writing, usually around 3 per issue. They are small and based on the writing’s themes/subject. Artists may submit more than one piece as well as more complex work provided there is space. The theme of each issue offers a prompt; however, it is not mandatory.

Staff Artists:

Bela Achaibar ’25
Cece Amory ’24
Kyla Biscocho ’25
Aoife McGuire ’24
Tiia McKinney ’25
Will Ranyard ’24
Isaac Silva ’23
Zoe Strothkamp ’24
Calvin van Leeuwen ’25