I dance under the imagined warmth of the moonlight, 
Twirl from one end of the rose garden to the other
Until my head is spinning, spinning, with the 
Stars like a laughing tapestry above my head. 
I forget about funerals and fallacies, 
Genocide and god under the moonlight. 
I forget about yellow hospital walls and 
Plates thrown against kitchen floors. 
I am laughing and dancing and
Screaming out the lyrics to Blue by Joni Mitchell. 
I am a child again, pink and earnest, 
Swallowing down doses of happiness in eager gulps, 
Holding onto this amber-soaked moment in time. 
I have not let go of hope, not yet.  
I remember my old ballet classes as I 
Twirl in the roses’ hearth of curious crimson, 
My childhood dreams and the old swing over by the lake. 
Pure ecstasy, I trip over happiness accidentally that night 
As I lift my hands above my head 
And twirl to the dulcet tones of velvet.

Gracie Rowland ’25 is a staff writer