When you were young 
You would approach your mother’s bed 
Afraid of an intruder
Now you approach it
Afraid of yourself 
Hoping she can save you from eternal tinnitus
Drown it forever with a peaceful sonata 

You’re like an immortal grain of sand
soaring around the globe
Unaffected by the harsh wind, 
The sour desert, 
forest fires, hurricanes 
Lulled by the melody down glissando glaciers

Before the familiar screeching returns
Your head rushes
like a nauseous meteor
Memories of life as a sand grain dissolve
Their remains settle on the sun 
And sometimes fall as mist
vanishing when you touch 

Your eyes are misty 
And your heart is about to flood
Your attention is too light

Like ripples in a lake made by a stone,
Which from that point forward will betray you

Maybe If you just flick your wrist 
a millisecond before it leaps 
from your fingers…

You won’t start a fire fueled by water 
needy and relentless
Like a howling child determined to prove her true innocence  
As she grips a crisp blade

Let it Flow through you
          Enticed by reckless tides                

But some are so strong they sweep you right out to sea

Zoe Alarcon ’25 is a staff writer

Bela Achaibar ’25 is a staff artist