red button
blood’s hot
stinging of the eye
burning sensation
a very familiar sensation

not what she want to feel but she
is the best at it

(Why stop now?)

wet momentum
her face
Doesn’t that feel sensational?

(Why stop now?)

flushing waters: her favorite pastime
locked doors: her signature piece
yet no one sees:
a closed exhibit 

(So why stop now?)

tracing past, tracing a dotted line
wasting time
wasted time between space
missed opportunity
missed glances
i miss her.

tracing the past sporadically


glue nor tape will fix it

(She should stop.)

the pieces are already shredded
already erased
already lost
but she can’t accept that

(So she won’t stop.)

civil war – a battle on her  homeland
opposition reigns on both sides:

the vibrations warm her
like the soldier’s boy beating of the drum
irregulars beats travel through her arteries, supplying some
thing worth living

the resilience chills her
like cool rain after a captain’s defeat
weathering storms she can not feel, wounded
gettysburg on her cortex

what side are you on?

pictures are timestamps
breaks in time

an endless loop is her
constantly spinning spiraling 

constantly clicking that red button

constantly, momentum slithers down her face

the same piece
yet not the same artist

(Who wants to see 
her anyway?)

she’s a  broken record instead
broken     indeed

civil war – a fight she wants to end

(want it to stop?)
(it won’t.)
it can’t.

no break.
all hell breaks loose.
all (of) her breaks loose

A’Cora Hickson ’25 is a staff writer

Cece Amory ’24 is a staff artist