Will this love die if unattended? 
Abscising our petals, like peonies decaying 
Feed for squirrels and worms and everything else 
That wants to eat us alive 

I can feel it pressing into my skin 
The glory of being with you 
Against the logic of my head 
To the detriment of my heart  

We’re falling apart 
Too quickly to stitch back together 
The pieces fraying, turning us to mulch 
Absorbed into the recycled earth 

It’s not that I don’t want you 
I do, far too much 
Now my mind is breaking down 
You’re rotting my brains out 

I wish I’d known going in 
The way my soul would flake and fall 
Forgetting to attach and protect 
Leaving my heart bare for the taking 

Now I wait 
As the leaves fall and die 
Decaying just like us 
Volitant in the cold October wind 

Falling just like we did 
Detached and disintegrating, I’m buried alive
Into the decomposing landscape 
Away from you 

Writer | Emily Wykoff ’26 |
Editor | Evelyn Chi ’25 |
Artist | Alma Clark ’25 |