at this time is relinquishing i 
              fall up my throat and pray,
                      to non-thoughts of non-time,
    to hardly grasp

i Blaze and remember i’m
       Free to remember
                 Free to press myself against the fire of action 
                          gripped from behind 
                by the eyes 
  by desire
  i press myself against Joy 

                                              is boundless and Bad
                                                   sat gently at the edges of catastrophe
                                            glistening in between wistful glances 
                                  returned to its shape carved in 
                        the small whites of unintelligible eyes
              gliding slowly behind my chest an honest 
lost in transit between forms

As well in solitude hung 
                                       on the walls of decades
buried in a self
                       reflective ceiling

i sow the seeds of confusion
   through the 
            years in

Writer | Zoe Alarcon ’25 |
Editor | Fahim Zaman ’25 |