we gather safely under our bliss 

and i perform a body that holds my sins

_____ asks

what do you feel in the silence

what do you feel in the warmth

what do you feel in the center of your being 

whatdoyoufeel between

silence what–wheredoyoufeel

the warmth lies 

herein lies the silence of taut skin / vein:dripped

a web of untangled sound / the ache / rain smell in

the essence of your being / how the night shudders its way into/

he finds it– / he finds it hard to let loving you be / a 

Belated act 


Don’t ask 

what consumption means when you peel

And i long to have to say i  

apart my skin 

miss you

My  sunshine

when slime:gripped words

cherry:wine:guilt holding the line that

maybe, this is care repackaged 

my flesh 

that breathes as others look  

as i cannot bear for them

the way you bared your soul full 

a melting point of stuck. But

when you hold it with your gaze 

At once and not  

when you ask how to open up a body  


kissed at my strings

divides over and over.

because i see how you enclose 

a shame:love touch


to bare your soul

of lonely lies  

you make the sky tender

when you prove that hurt can be

a person

and my limbs

ready to fall.

Writer | Mel Arthur ’25 |
Editor | Priscilla Lee ’25 |
Artist | Sofia Yadigaroglu ’26 |