The Indicator meetings and membership are be open to Amherst College students. Attendance of meetings is encouraged; however, participation is dependent upon communication and submission of work. Members of the Indicator will have the choice to be either a writer, editor, artist or combination of these roles.

Writers must produce at least one 500-1000 word piece, of any genre (fiction, non-fiction, interview, essay, poetry) per semester. The theme of each issue offers a prompt; however, it is not mandatory. Previously written work is welcome as well. Staff writers are welcome  to write more than one piece, provided there is space. 

Current Staff Writers:

Zoe Akoto ’21
Kiera Alventosa ’21
Cecelia Amory ’24
Sara Attia ’24
Thomas Brodey ’22
Carolina Cordon ’24
Leland Culver ’24
Ari Dengler ’24
Diego Duckefield-Lopez ’24
Jackeline Fernandes ’24
Yasmin Hamilton ’24
Naviya Kapadia ’24
Ross Kilpatrick ’23
Susan Lee ’24
Karen Liu ’23
Karla Muñoz ’24
Mikayah Parsons ’24
Kalidas Shanti ’22
Sam Spratford ’24
Spencer Williams ’24
Maggie Wu ’22