We here at The Indicator like to make sure that all members of our community, especially those of us who are new here, are taking full advantage of what our great dining hall has to offer. There are a lot of tips and tricks that can take you from Traditional-Line-Every-Day shmoe to Valentine Dining Hall Sage. Here are the top 8:

#1: One of the best hidden gems at Valentine is the pesto sauce by the sandwich bar. If the Traditional meal doesn’t suit you, grab some Lighter-Side chicken and maybe some vegetables and throw some pesto sauce on there to make it a delicious and healthy meal.

#2: Pesto is good for more than just topping grilled chicken. Check for when the pasta bar has alfredo cheese sauce. Get some pasta with that sauce, then throw some pesto on there and mix it all up. Now you have your own pesto cream sauce.

#3: Green smoothies filled with fruits and vegetables are all the rage, but spinach is so 2014. To get that in-vogue green hue, take strawberries, bananas and orange juice and blend it into a smoothie – and then go to the sauce area and take four big spoonfuls of pesto and put it on top of the smoothie. Grab a knife and mix it up to spread the green joy of pesto all through the smoothie.

#4: Another drink related suggestion: Sometimes students like to offset the intense flavor of Powerade with water or seltzer. These are great ideas, but another surefire way to make sure your blue sugar juice tastes exactly as you want it is to bring that cup right over to the sandwich bar and toss some – you guessed it – pesto in your drink! (Will work with any drink)

#5: Grab a bowl. Grab a spoon. Fill that bowl up with pesto. Boom, lunch. Who needs Grab N’ Go when you can Grab N’ Pesto?

#6: Eat Pesto.

#7: Sleep Pesto.

#8: Breathe Pesto.