Look where I am, Ma
A sunset soul wandering
Transplanted, like a heart
This isn’t anything like home, Ma

The clouds are so big they cast shadows
And the trees populate the hills like
A rain song that sings
And settles like an argument to make

Such a phantom grace lives here
That the whole world smiles and calls green

But the shade does not rest here
It rolls like marbles
And follows the river toward

Look where I am, Ma
I’m an insect on a volcano filled with ice
Empty eyes on a church steeple
Praying that I am not

A foreigner under a sky
Of two-way mirrors
Feeling phantom pain
From a limb left on a beach
And watching bugs make highways
Across my skin.

Look who I am, Ma
I’m a needle poking in
Pulling string through my veins
And perforating
The moon

A puddle with shores
Feeling somehow like
A glass of alcohol
And white chocolate,
Grains of sand stitched together with
A hurricane
And frowning at the seams.

Look what I am, Ma
Flower petals bleeding
And nesting in the afterdark.