A Jet moved across the sky
a Meteor to hit the Sun awry,
yet it escaped unscathed
saving the Sun’s fate!
I breathed a Sigh of relief
and joined the Smoke from the Jet,
Sweat evaporating in its wake,

Yet soon Sunset arrived,
the Sky a bleeding red
and Sun a throbbing said;
I realize the Meteor did crash,
Leaves soak in this flowing Blood
And fall down to grieve this raging Flood –
Oh what it feels like to
Be a falling leaf –
in Fall
Scabs of wound
Of a crying tree tall,
Oozing a red velvety cushion,
Mild wonder of a mission,
Fluttering red hearts going up
Swaying by, saying bye to those
that plummet to the Corpse Blanket below –
Winds carry their words
the Murmuring Gushing and Shushing,
and drape them Whispers on my ear –
but Spiky swords of Grass near
Pierce through this Cover here –
more Blood!
so I Bow down to Protect my ear
and visit the Spectacle dear, dear –

Everything screamed hues of Red and Shed
so I looked in the mirror
Red Glint in my eye!
I plucked to form a Ruby
and throw towards the Sky –
For the Sun to catch
and spill more Blood
in case the Meteor strikes
And the Sun Sets

Writer | Shreya Hegde ’26 |
Editor | Gabrielle Avena ’25 |