Asking For It

Both on our campus and in the national news, “rape culture” has become a recent buzzword, catapulted into the forefront of our thoughts and conversations. When reading news articles, it’s easy to feel enraged about Donald Trump and “pussygate,” or fume over Brock Turner’s grossly expedited jail sentence and marvel at how anyone might question…Continue Reading Asking For It

Cougar Blues

“I’m a Bond girl!” The gangly freshman boy, clad only in a women’s lacy slip dress and voluptuous blonde wig, twirled around, gesturing at the homemade “007 girl” sign affixed to his rear. “See?” he yelped triumphantly, then scurried away….Continue Reading Cougar Blues

The Value of Philosophy

“What are you possibly going to do with a philosophy degree?” I’ve fielded this question and others like it more times that I care to recall. The inquirer usually raises an eyebrow, then casts me a pitying glance as they envision my inevitably unemployed future. Then, with a conspiratorial wink, they’ll lean in (often so…Continue Reading The Value of Philosophy